Mis-sold business energy claims

MLC offer a free case audit to ascertain if you were mis-sold.

Has your business been mis-sold energy by an Energy Broker?

Up to 95% of businesses that have secured their energy contract through a Third Party Intermediary (TPI) or Energy Broker may be entitled to claim back thousands in overpaid fees.

What is mis-selling in the business energy market?

Millions of businesses in the UK utilise energy brokers to find the best unit price available for the right type of supply. For this worthwhile service brokers can earn commissions from suppliers. Sadly, rogue brokers are deliberately misleading clients to maximise their own income at your expense.

You may have a claim if:

  • You are a business energy customer
  • You've used a TPI or Energy Broker in the past ten years
  • You can provide a copy of your agreement or contract

Our business energy claims analysts and solicitors work together to claim back what you are owed on a no-win no-fee basis.

Top 5 mis-selling methods.

Say the service was free? Brokers get paid. The supplier usually adds their commission on top of your unit price.

Actually try to get the best unit price? With fees coming from the supplier, they may not fully scan the market.

Clearly disclose their full commissions? Some conceal the extent of their commission to ensure that the deal is agreed.

Renew your contract with the same supplier? Are you sure they searched the market for the best deal?

Promote a long term contract as the best option? Can be a good idea for the client, but always good for the broker!

MLC Case Review Process

Whether it is relating to your money, your property or your business, our experts can assist you with your legal matter. Discover if you have a claim today by completing our no-obligation case review.
Complete the case audit

Complete the case audit

Starting your claim is simple. Get a no-obligation case audit from MLC.
Your claim gets reviewed

Your claim gets reviewed

Our specialist panel of legal advisors reviews your case and will give advice.
Your claim begins

Your claim begins

If our specialist advisors confirm your case has merits, your claim begins.

How can we help you claim business energy compensation?

Have you been a victim of hidden business energy commission mis-selling? If you are subject to secret fees from your energy broker and supplier, you may be entitled to compensation.

My Legal Claims panel of solicitors will guide you through any potential claim on a No Win/No Fee basis, so there is no risk to you. Our legal panel have experience in bringing successful claims against those who mis-sell financial products.

How can I start my claim?

It is estimated that 50% if UK companies use a broker for their business energy contract. If you are one of them and believe you are paying unfair secret commission, then we can help.

Our solicitors make starting your Business Energy claim simple. They have a team of experts who are on hand to talk you through the process. There is no obligation to use our service after they have performed the initial checks.

If you are one of the thousands in the UK that might have been affected by the undisclosed business energy commission scandal, submit the short application today and we will be in touch to talk you through the next steps.

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